Food and Water

Food and water are the basic requirements of life. Lack of food and clean water account for one in eight persons living in crisis every year, many succumbing to poor health and disease. Providing access to potable water and nutrient rich food are essential to the physical and mental health of those who have been economically or politically dis-placed or exposed to famine and drought. Freedom from hunger is also considered a right by the UN and backed by international conventions.

Some of the solutions we are involved in include: setting up food kitchens and encouraging the start-up of small local restaurants, distributing packaged foods, furnishing access to fresh produce and finding ways to supply clean potable water. These are the goals we set for ourselves in alleviating some of the world’s food and water issues.

Through our partners, donations, and micro-business loans we believe we can overcome many of the food safety challenges facing the world.


The idea of being homeless is a terrifying notion for most of us, yet the number of people without adequate housing amounts to more than a billion and a half. A staggering number. Many countries are dealing with the mass migration of people fleeing wars, ethnic conflicts, famine and now emergencies due to climate changes, such as rising oceans and fires.

In North America alone, homelessness is rising. A number of issues are at play but the rising cost of rent or home ownership, and stagnant wages, has put affordable housing out of reach for many.

Supplying adequate shelter means providing vital protection against the elements and offering security in times of crisis. Personal safety and dignity go a long way to lifting those out of poverty and displacement events, moving them forward in their own life choices and or their family’s.

The task of distributing or allocating various forms of shelter is determined by the conditions and need. Whether it is temporary structures or organized community shelters, giving relief from weather and other risk factors is determined by our partners. Our goal is to foster partnership and expertise and pledge connections to funding sources.


There is a biblical reference about clothing the naked, however, today there is much more emphasis on proper attire. With many second hand clothing stores finding willing customers and many people donating clothing, how do we ensure that those most needy are properly clothed. Weather dictates many clothing choices but so does self worth. Sometimes clothing availability will help a person to find a job, give a person a confidence boost, or even allow a child to join a local team. These are simple choices but have meaningful impacts on well being and determines how communities thrive, making your donations truly life changing for many people.