Shop And Save Communities 

We all love shopping; However, isn’t more enjoable if you also make not only one person but a whole community happy? We made that experience possible. Watcan Foundation proudly present its online store which you can surf and shop from while helping to make more communities self-sustained.

Donate And Save Communities

There are many situations occurring in the world today that seem beyond our control, be it geopolitical or the environment, that affect millions of people’s lives. Living on the edge of survival may not touch us personally but there are things we can do to help the people facing those challenges everyday. The basics of life; food, water, shelter, clothing, and a sense of security are truly a need sought by so many, yet with compassion and charity so easy to provide. Donate today and help a community become self-sustained.

Volunteer And Save Communites

There is nothing imposible when a group of people dedicate their heart to help people in need. Together, hand in hand, we can make the difference we are seeking in this world. The kind of difference that makes people eat healthy, wear good clothes and have a roof over their head. We need your help to achive that difference. Click on the volunteer button and send us an email about yourself to start the process. Dont forget to write “volunteer” in the subject field.