Micro Business

Global XS Foods

(A non-profit community grocery store)

Watcan Foundation’s non-profit food projects are game changers in the industry: “We believe that delicious, wholesome and affordable food should be available to all. We are on a mission to help communities and individuals make great choices in meals and groceries that are tasty, healthy, convenient and truly affordable. And we do this out of respect and dignity for our customers”.

Global XS Foods and Rotiroll Express represent inexpensive and healthy choice options in the non-profit sector. A retail grocery store providing our community with a place to stop for wholesome foods and a location for prepared meals at affordable prices.

It is our hope that one day Global XS Foods may be a Canadian’s favourite place to purchase quality and organic foods and goods. Compared to other chains, it’s one of the best places to shop without breaking the budget. And located within the Global XS Foods stores you can order prepared meals at affordable prices from “Rotiroll Express” a healthy food corner.

Today’s buyers have more access to information on healthy foods and price points. Armed with more knowledge they choose where to shop. Yet, foods prices are still high for many. Those who can’t afford healthier options, and have to choose between milk and produce, or worse–cheaper items that are laden with sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals. At Global XS Foods healthy items will be offered at low costs due to food donations and low overhead.

As an example, we can offer raisin bran cereal for 99 cents due to the sell-by-date, and the same with bread (99 cents). These food products are perfectly fine but represent a small portion of the tons of food and produce that are thrown out or wasted every day. According to “The National Zero Waste Council” who conducted research on household food waste in Canada, the results are astonishing.

◆ 63% of the food Canadians throw away could have been eaten.

◆ For the average Canadian household that amounts to 140 kilograms of wasted food per year – at a cost of more than $1,100 per year!
◆ For Canada as a whole, that amounts to almost 2.2 million tonnes of edible food wasted each year, costing Canadians in excess of $17 billion!
◆ All types of food are wasted, but in Canada the most prominently wasted foods by weight are:
1. Vegetables: 30%
2. Fruit: 15%
3. Leftovers: 13%
4. Bread and Bakery: 9%
5. Dairy and Eggs: 7%

The cold facts are that 1 in 6 people in Canada deal with hunger–unacceptable in our country. Even though these numbers represent a travesty, they do not tell the whole story, with many more who go unseen and uncounted.

For Watcan Foundation our goal is to open up stores in small cities across Canada. RotiRoll Express & Global XS Foods will be working to provide healthy meals, inexpensively, trying to reach a segment of the population that is hard to reach–the working poor, who are out buying food, but unable to afford the food they should be eating.