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Watcan foundation
We are a Non-profit Organization. We Have one goal and that is to help communities reach sustainablity.
About us
We provide
We Provide
Clothes, Affordable housing, food and water
We provide
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A world leading non-profit foundation working to protect and improve the lives of people in need in over 190 countries.

We Provide

     Our Mission

Through our partners and offices around the world the Watcan Foundation looks to bring relief to those struggling to survive. We are looking to provide long lasting solutions to the communities in need. Our mission is to help communities become self-sustained by providing shelters and places with affordable foods and clothes. The health and welfare of humanity is at a critical point as economic and climatic changes add pressure to a world at a crossroads. If you can imagine the challenges facing those in crisis everyday, perhaps you can help. Giving from the heart is its own reward and makes a difference to those who truly need it.

“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.”

     Shop And Save Communities 

Many of us love shopping. However, wouldn’t it be gratifying, to make more than one person happy but, to contribute to the happiness and well-being of a whole community? We made that experience possible. Watcan Foundation proudly presents its online store from which you can surf and shop while helping to build more self-sustaining communities.

Donate And Save Communities

There are many situations occurring in the world today that seem beyond our control, be it geopolitical or the environment, that affect millions of people’s lives. Living on the edge of survival may not touch us personally but there are things we can do to help the people facing those challenges everyday. The basics of life; food, water, shelter, clothing, and a sense of security are truly a need sought by so many, yet with compassion and charity so easy to provide. Donate today and help a community become self-sustaining.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteer And Save Communites

There is nothing impossible when those who can, dedicate their heart to help others in need. Together, hand in hand, we can make the difference we are seeking in this world. The kind of difference where people eat healthy, have good clothes to wear and have a roof over their head. We need your assistance to achieve that difference. Click on the volunteer button and send us an email about yourself to start the process. Don’t forget to write “volunteer” in the subject field. Thanks for everything you can do.

The Board Of Directors

Watcan Foundation

Abdul Q. Miah


Cameron A. Kuntz


Bill A. Emery


Douglas Hack



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