Left to right:
Douglas Hack, William (Bill) A. Emery (Director/Treasurer),
Abdul Q. Miah (CEO/Co-Founder) and Cameron A. Kuntz (Director/Co-Founder)

Many people around the world are experiencing unfathomable challenges–facing each and every day not knowing if they will have food to eat or a roof over their head. Finding potable drinking water, adequate clothing and personal security become life and death situations with the stress experienced from struggling to attain the necessities for survival also leading to disease and mental health issues. Without hope there is despair.

The Watcan Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to restore hope by providing the basics for survival. Through grants, donors and volunteers we are providing solutions and supporting those in need regardless of ethnicity, gender or race. By helping others our volunteers experience the joy which comes from giving from a compassionate heart.

We are also looking for partners in countries in which we hope to expand and create a truly international foundation. If you think you can work with us, and support our cause through aid in addressing local and national challenges, please let us know. Our mandate to help those in need will always be our priority, wherever we are.

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