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A hunger-free world where everyone has a decent place to live with food and clothes.

There’s a world of difference between intelligence, cleverness and wisdom and wise people realize that there’s a difference between needs and wants. What people truly need in order to survive are the basics of nutritious whole foods, safe and clean shelter, plus clothing to suit the person’s climate and environment. Health along with a balanced mind go hand in hand with the above and are equally as precious. 

Our Mission

Giving to those in need is a win-win situation because anyone who has ever helped another without the expectation of return or reward knows the joy which comes from giving from a pure and compassionate heart. Due to a variety of circumstances, there are people around the world who are facing difficulties and challenges that most can’t even fathom. Can you imagine facing each day without having the most basic necessities of life which are nutritious and healthy foods, clean drinkable water, secure and durably constructed shelter in addition to clothing which suits the people’s climate and occupational needs.

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